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Understanding Node.js: Core Concepts

The most comprehensive Node.js course on the Internet, and it's still growing!

Let's master Node.js without focusing on any other NPM packages, and take our back-end engineering skills to the next level!

This course covers many important Node.js and computer science concepts crucial to being an excellent back-end developer. These include Binary Data, Buffers, File System, Streams, Networking, HTTP and more!

The course is continuously expanding, with new content regularly added until its expected completion in the fall of 2024. Enroll today to secure your access to a growing wealth of knowledge as the course evolves. Early enrollees will enjoy updates without any additional cost. The price of the course will be around $100 USD once completed, but you can get the course right now with a big discount by clicking on the button bellow, also it'll be a great support for us if you use this link!

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Cododev Technology was founded with a mission: to deliver top-tier software engineering educational content, focused on the fundamentals and computer science, integrating innovative projects and interactive materials to make innovative and better engineers in the world.

We'll try our absolute best to keep delivering high-quality content each time better than before for years to come.

Meet the Founder

Hello! I'm Joseph, bringing over seven years of expertise from working on many complex projects and providing software consultancy to businesses across the Greater Toronto Area and around the globe.

My journey in tech has been marked by a relentless pursuit of pushing boundaries and innovating with software. However, I discovered that the available online courses often fell short of enabling me to achieve these goals, or even getting me closer to that goal.

That's why I decided to start Cododev Technology — driven by that vision to craft top-tier educational content to empower individuals to surpass conventional limits.

I did not start this business just to have another set of tutorial videos on the internet, and teach people some simple tools software trends, or allow them to be able to merely get a job. It's about transcending the norm, going beyond software trends, and elevating individuals beyond mere job readiness.

Every course offered by Cododev Technology is meticulously designed to align with our mission: expanding the horizons of students, refining problem-solving skills, cultivating an engineering mindset, and inspiring innovation. We aim to propel students out of their comfort zones, and to keep taking things to the next level and pushing the boundaries and driving change in the industry.

In my philosophy, engineering and art are inseparable; to excel as an engineer is to embrace the spirit of an artist. Our courses strive to unlock the inner artist within you, fostering creativity, and expanding imagination.

Developing courses like these is no easy task; it requires collaborative efforts and sometimes spans years to accomplish. Yet, I am committed to this mission, giving in my utmost dedication for as long as I can, because I believe in the transformative power of education to shape not just careers but visionary individuals.

My Professional Skills

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Some Indie-Projects We've Done

We primarily do projects that align with our mission and help with education and our courses. We always look for doing innovative projects that could be used directly later on in our courses to help students take their knowledge to a whole new level. But sometimes, we might do some other projects to help the business financially and allow us to continue developing valuable courses.

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Interested in collaborating on creating some of the best CS and software engineering courses in the world with us? We're always looking for passionate people to help us with that. We are based in Toronto, ON, and we welcome your collaboration!

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